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  • If you want a peak at my current reading notes management workflow, you might find this video interesting (Craft, Bear 2, Omnivore, Readwise).

  • My Blogger Workflow as of 2021-03

    This is the first post on Numeric Citizen I/O about my blogger workflow. This website’s mission is metablogging, which means writing about the tools and services that I use as a blogger and content creator. I hope you enjoy the ride here. This is the most comprehensive update yet. In this workflow … read more

  • Showing Support for Real Mac Software

    I bought Nova in support of real Mac software developers So, I decided to buy Nova, the best client for editing and publishing content to this Blot website using Git and Markdown. MacStories published a review of Nova just yesterday, emphasizing that Nova feels like a real MacOS application. I felt … read more

  • A Really Useful Git Beginner’s Guide

    I’m using Git to maintain this blog, which runs on Blot. Up until now, my Git knowledge has come from YouTube. Today, I came across this Git beginner’s guide that I wish I had on hand before starting this blog. The nice thing about this guide is that it covers the command line commands plus a … read more

  • Editing on the Go Is a Must

    Editing and publishing on the go is a must, after all. This weekend, I’m away from home. I thought I could get away with it and skip editing Blot posts on the go on the iPad. I was wrong. As I wrote at length here, the jury is still out on the best way to achieve this. For now, on the iPad, Working … read more

  • Thinking Again About Text Editors

    Thinking about text editor apps. Following a recent article from Jason Snell about finding the best markdown editor for the iPad, I started thinking about using Ulysses for all my text editing needs. Is it the best tool for all use cases? Probably not. But it is cross-platform, and for me, … read more

  • Documenting Blog Changes

    Using Git instead of Dropbox for Blot content syncing provides an unexpected benefit. As I recently wrote, Blot supports two mechanisms for synchronizing content from my Mac to the web: Dropbox or Git. I chose Git. As I write this, I’m still testing Nova as the Git front-end (I’m a GUI type of guy). … read more

  • The Initial Blot Setup

    Setting up this blog with Blot was pretty straightforward. It all started as an experiment. But now, it’s not. It’s something permanent1. In less than a day, everything was set up and running. From the setup of the domain name (with GoDaddy) to having an actual site available for browsing. This is … read more

  • Selecting a GIT Client

    Selecting a GIT client for the Mac is a bit harder than I thought. When I decided to create this blog using, I had to select the synchronization mechanism between my Mac and the service. offers two choices: Dropbox (easy, seamless, but too invasive and bloated software) or … read more