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  • Browsing Past Published Articles on Ghost

    Circumventing Ghost’s limited posts management capabilities. I recently decided to spend some time editing past articles published on my Numeric Citizen Space website. I first thought that by going to my Ghost admin page, I could quickly browse past published articles by month. I … read more

  • My Blogger Workflow as of 2021-03

    This is the first post on Numeric Citizen I/O about my blogger workflow. This website’s mission is metablogging, which means writing about the tools and services that I use as a blogger and content creator. I hope you enjoy the ride here. This is the most comprehensive update yet. In this workflow … read more

  • Ghost 4 is Out! So What?

    Ghost 4 is out, but is lacking one major feature. Now, at version 4, Ghost, a self-hosting publishing platform, is buzzing again. To me, Ghost always looked like a modern version of WordPress. They share many similarities. The close integration of website and newsletter publishing is way better than … read more

  • Tips and Tricks on Optimizing Articles Exposure on Medium

    To make a dent on Medium, optimizing exposure is a must. I’ve been on Medium for many years, and I learned a few tips on maximizing article exposure along the way. These tips and tricks made a difference for me. If you plan to submit an article to a Medium publication, beware of busy publications: … read more

  • Cleaning up my WordPress Blog

    Simpler is better. If you know about WordPress, you probably know how bloated your WordPress site can become with heavy visual themes and lots of more or less useful plugins installed. Those using for hosting their WordPress website know how pushy can be. They really want … read more

  • A Really Useful Git Beginner’s Guide

    I’m using Git to maintain this blog, which runs on Blot. Up until now, my Git knowledge has come from YouTube. Today, I came across this Git beginner’s guide that I wish I had on hand before starting this blog. The nice thing about this guide is that it covers the command line commands plus a … read more

  • This Blog Uses Commento - Here is Why - Updated 2024-03-10

    You can leave a comment on each blog post, thanks to Commento, you’re not being tracked. When I created the Numeric Citizen I/O blog, I thought it would need a way for visitors to be able to leave comments as they see fit. I decided to go the Commento route because of its tight integration … read more

  • Testing

    Testing a web-based blog post publishing tool for posting directly to Blot from a webpage. I’m currently testing a straightforward blog post publishing tool running on a webpage. The tool is accessible at I wrote a front matter; I guess Blot will process it as usual. The … read more

  • Learning a Bit of Blot’s Internals

    I made a few layout changes to my archives page. Someone on posted something from its Blot website and I noticed he was using an unknown meta tag in the post’s front matter: metadata.icon. He used a tag to add an icon to each of its blog post. I wanted to know how Blot actually used this … read more

  • The Initial Blot Setup

    Setting up this blog with Blot was pretty straightforward. It all started as an experiment. But now, it’s not. It’s something permanent1. In less than a day, everything was set up and running. From the setup of the domain name (with GoDaddy) to having an actual site available for browsing. This is … read more

  • Where Fails for Me

    I’ve been a user of since 2018. At first, I wasn’t sure I would like the place. Eventually, it grew on me because it is such a quiet place1, with more engagement from the community members and with much more respect. There is something that I don’t like about, though. It’s the … read more