I saw someone on Micro.blog using Write.as a platform for publishing a blog. After spending a few minutes on the blog and Write.as website, I find it very tempting; it’s clean, super simple, well-thought-out, and cheap. Maybe I should try it? Or maybe not. I’m already spread too thin. I feel it would be another rabbit hole. If all my current platforms were fully satisfying, I wouldn’t be looking at other places.

At the very least, I could open a free account and see if my impressions are valid.

[Update #1: 2022-05-19: I did take advantage of a special pricing for a five years subscription. You can find me on write.as: https://write.as/numericcitizen/]

[Update #2: 2024-05-20: I no longer use write.as since earlier this year. I deciced to bring the content to my main blog instead.]