• Bye bye Hookmark, apparently my current subscription ended. I cannot justify subscribing to this app just to be able to browse hookmark files created when my subscription was active. I’ll need to update some of my Craft templates to remove all my hookmark file references. Tedious.

  • I spent some time this morning to update my content creator toolset mini website. It was long overdue.

  • Why So Many Publishing Platforms?

    For long-time readers and followers, they know that I own a few websites or publishing places, but a reminder is always welcomed. With so many places to publish to, you might wonder why not use only one big website. Well, I’m glad you asked. You’ll find most of the answers in the following diagram. … read more

  • Combining Craft And Things 3 For My Writing Projects

    This article is about how I’m using Craft and Things 3, which is behind any short or long article I share online. Here is what happens when I get a new post idea. In Things 3, Create an entry and set priority and desired or expected date of publication if known. In Craft, I create a new document, … read more

  • ❗Short announcement: I made some changes to my megafeed hosted on FeedPress by adding Blips RSS feed and this metablog RSS feed. If you want to get everything I share via a single RSS feed, this is what you need to subscribe to in your favourite browser. All updates to my digital presence are posted on this changelog page. Now, returning to normal programming. 📺

  • On Sharing My Writings — What Goes Where

    I recently got a few comments and questions from some followers on Micro.blog about my use of Scribbles versus Micro.blog blog hosting services. One guy couldn’t figure out why I was using Scribbles to write very short posts using a one-word title while I was using Micro.blog for longer posts, most … read more

  • The Date of Publication is a Must - Updated 2024-03-15

    Have you ever searched the web for an article where you couldn’t see when it was published? It happens to me quite often. I don’t understand why such important information isn’t communicated to the readers. In a fast-moving numeric world, the publishing date helps the reader gauge … read more

  • No More Photo Duplicates Hopefully

    I decided to disable cross-posting from my Glass feed to Bluesky and Pixelfed. This should fix the photo duplicates on your Micro.blog timeline each time I post a new image on Glass. Sorry for the inconvenience. The problem was simple: Let’s say I share an image on Glass, Micro.blog picks it … read more

  • If you want a peak at my current reading notes management workflow, you might find this video interesting (Craft, Bear 2, Omnivore, Readwise).

  • 🔗 Mobivention announces its own iOS App Marketplace

    As detailed by the company in a press release, mobivention’s App Marketplace will let developers distribute B2B and B2C apps to their customers outside the iOS App Store. “The mobivention App marketplace is primarily aimed at business customers who are looking for an alternative solution for distributing their apps,” mobivention explains.

    Tired: there is an app for that. Wired: There is a marketplace for that. 🤓

  • How Do I Read and Process an Article

    Let’s say I stumble on an article I wish to read and process. I’ll follow the following steps, covering the collection and archival stages. Save the article in Omnivore1,2. Set tags in Omnivore. Read the article, highlight text as needed and write comments if required. Summarize the article using … read more

  • Each week, I use this template in Things 3 to help me out with my planning. Each Sunday, I duplicate the whole project and rename it accordingly. I love Things 3[^1]. [^1] I tried to do this in Apple Reminders but I prefer Things 3 experience.

  • Today I added a new global changelog1 page to my metablog. The changelog will cover all the changes applied to my digital publishing space.

    1. A changelog is a document or record that details the changes made in a software project. It typically includes information about new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and any modifications made to the software between different versions or updates. ↩︎

  • Some Hurdles to Fix Already

    I encountered my first few hurdles in transposing my content from a Craft document to a Micro.blog. Craft enables rich document content and supports block types like JSON output or command line examples. Posts containing these need special Markdown attention. Thanks to some help1, I figured that … read more

  • Browsing Past Published Articles on Ghost

    Circumventing Ghost’s limited posts management capabilities. I recently decided to spend some time editing past articles published on my Numeric Citizen Space website. I first thought that by going to my Ghost admin page, I could quickly browse past published articles by month. I … read more

  • Let's start something new. Again.

    This blog is a Micro.blog hosted version of the Craft-hosted version. I’m currently in the slow process of copying my content over here. read more

  • Instapaper vs Pocket — Which Read Later Service is Better for Me

    As much as I love Craft, its current version is unsuitable as a read-later solution. I do keep a list of bookmarks within Craft, but the article’s content is not fetched and saved into Craft, something Notion is able to do. This list is kept for other purposes, like helping me build my newsletter … read more

  • My Blogger Workflow as of 2021-12

    My previous blogger workflow update was in March 2021. Quite many things have happened since then. It’s time for another update. Buckle up because this is a big one, and enjoy the ride! What’s in For 2021, I was expecting a year without many changes to my blogger workflow, and yet, I was in for … read more

  • Moving From Substack to Ghost — My Experience

    Digital nomads. The flavour of the day. Looking for a better digital experience? Every reason is good to move from one place to another in the digital world. It’s about having some fun. I recently came across this blog post from Greg Morris where he writes: “I look at blog designs like Birchtree.me* … read more

  • Migrating My Content From HEY World to Substack

    Yesterday, I put an end to my HEY World experiment. After making the call, I wanted to keep my content and migrate it to Substack. So, I tried the Substack RSS feed import feature, but it wasn’t working. As shown in the following screenshot, the error wasn’t explicit enough to pinpoint the … read more