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  • On Sharing My Writings — What Goes Where

    I recently got a few comments and questions from some followers on about my use of Scribbles versus blog hosting services. One guy couldn’t figure out why I was using Scribbles to write very short posts using a one-word title while I was using for longer posts, most … read more

  • The Date of Publication is a Must - Updated 2024-03-15

    Have you ever searched the web for an article where you couldn’t see when it was published? It happens to me quite often. I don’t understand why such important information isn’t communicated to the readers. In a fast-moving numeric world, the publishing date helps the reader gauge … read more

  • If you want a peak at my current reading notes management workflow, you might find this video interesting (Craft, Bear 2, Omnivore, Readwise).

  • How Do I Read and Process an Article

    Let’s say I stumble on an article I wish to read and process. I’ll follow the following steps, covering the collection and archival stages. Save the article in Omnivore1,2. Set tags in Omnivore. Read the article, highlight text as needed and write comments if required. Summarize the article using … read more

  • Using the iPad for Editing Blot Posts With a Git Client

    Editing new content from the iPad for this blog poses some challenges. I started writing this post using my iPad, Working Copy and Textastic1. The file was initially created within Working Copy’s sandbox, but I fetched content from the Blot Git repo to store the most recent changes locally on my … read more

  • Documenting Blog Changes

    Using Git instead of Dropbox for Blot content syncing provides an unexpected benefit. As I recently wrote, Blot supports two mechanisms for synchronizing content from my Mac to the web: Dropbox or Git. I chose Git. As I write this, I’m still testing Nova as the Git front-end (I’m a GUI type of guy). … read more

  • Archiving my Content from to GitHub allows for archiving all content to GitHub. Here is why I did it. This blog post is about explaining a allowing me to archive all my blog posts, including images and why I do it. First, you must know that already provides an archiving feature of all blog posts to the … read more