This article is about how I’m using Craft and Things 3, which is behind any short or long article I share online. Here is what happens when I get a new post idea.

  1. In Things 3, Create an entry and set priority and desired or expected date of publication if known.
  2. In Craft, I create a new document, set the title and then copy the document’s deeplink to the clipboard.
  3. Still within Craft, I move the newly created document to the appropriate folder.
  4. Still within Craft, I update my private creator dashboard document optionally.
  5. Back to Things 3, and I paste the deeplink into the note field. It’s handy to jump from Things 3 to Craft with a single tap.

At this point, I can start my research, writing and editing of my article or blog post in Craft. Now, here is what happens after publishing my article:

  1. Mark the to-do item as done in Things 3.
  2. I update my private creator dashboard document by converting my deeplink to a new permalink that I put in the Recently Published section.
  3. I monitor the appropriate RSS feed for quality control. See this article about subscribing to my own RSS feeds.

There you have it. Craft plays a central role in my blogger workflow1. This blog post exposes what happens at the beginning and at the end of a new post idea. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something.

  1. Not all blog posts start in Craft. Far from it. ↩︎