Let’s say I stumble on an article I wish to read and process. I’ll follow the following steps, covering the collection and archival stages.

  1. Save the article in Omnivore1,2.
  2. Set tags in Omnivore.
  3. Read the article, highlight text as needed and write comments if required.
  4. Summarize the article using Raycast AI. I have a Keyboard Maestro macro for that.
  5. Copy and paste the summary into the Omnivore notebook accompanying the article.
  6. Archive the article in Omnivore.
  7. Export the Readwise highlights (done automatically from Omnivore syncing).
  8. Import the created markdown files into Bear.
  9. Adjust tags if required.

I realize this workflow is essentially for the Mac. Nothing like this can be done on the iPad without a major tweak or two.

You can find this article on the “My Micro-Workflows Explained” website.

  1. The article can be saved from Inoreader, Reeder or the Arc Browser. ↩︎

  2. Some articles come in using my Omnivore’s email address that I use for subscribing to some newsletters. ↩︎